Every other year at St James we hold the life exhibition. This event is mainly for primary school children in years 5 & 6. 


It is a fantastic way for the children to learn more about the Chrisitan faith, and who Jesus was and what he did for them. 


One of the good things about this event is it asks the children what do they think about who Jesus is, and what he has done for them. Do they think its true, do that think its a lie or do that think something else completely? ​

Children who come through the exhibition get to have an amazing time, exploring an unchanging story, using modern technology, which brings the Gospel alive to them in a new innovative way.  Each pod (station) tells of a different aspect of who Jesus is and how he told people about the kingdom of heaven, always leaven them with the question 'what do you think'. 


The children were excited about the fact that church wasn't what they imagined it would be like, but they got to come into the church building and explore the Christian faith in a fun way.  


It is also a fantastic way to work with other local like-minded churches who want to see children come to see who Jesus is for themselves. 

To find out more about the Life Exhibition click here