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St James Church Hall
The Heart of Hill Top

How can you help?

Please help by praying. Pray that the hall will be at the heart of our community, as we seek to run weekly, monthly and yearly activities for the people of Hill Top and surrounding areas. 

Please help by volunteering. There will be lots of work to do, some we can do 'in house' others we will have to get professionals in to do. So if you are able to help by pledging some of your time when we may need it, please contact our Vicar Mark.

Please consider giving. This is going to be expensive work! We have a vision for this project and how the hall can continue to serve Hill Top for the next generations. If you are able to give financially to this project, we would be really grateful. over the next few months we will have more of an idea how much the work in the hall will cost. Once we have that figure, we will be putting on some fundraising events, but we also have a Just Giving page that you can find by clicking here.

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